In an effort to better serve our customers, NCD, offers the following procedures for return of damaged and/or out of date products:


Out of date or damaged cigarettes must be stickered by the manufacturer’s representative for return to North Central - NO EXCEPTIONS. Products produced by the following manufacturers may be returned directly to North Central Distributors:
• Commonwealth          • Liggett           • Cheyenne

Philip Morris and RJR out of date or damaged products must be returned directly to the manufacturer’s representative.

Philip Morris and RJR have instructed North Central Distributors, not to accept or credit any damaged or out of date product manufactured by their companies respectively - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Product shipped in error can be returned directly to North Central Distributors. The retailer must notify the Customer Service Department at North Central Distributors (214) 328-2821 with the type and number of cartons to be returned within 48 hours of the initial delivery and provide North Central with the original Invoice Number for verification. Cigarette manufacturers may be contacted at the following numbers:

Commonwealth Brands, Inc. 888-222-9098
Philip Morris 972-398-3777
Lorillard (Dallas) 214-340-6621

Lorillard (Fort Worth) 817-265-0131
Liggett 817-581-5600
R.J. Reynolds 800-714-5349
Tantus 817-313-5393

US Smokeless Tobacco Brands

(Implementation of new return goods policy) - USST Representative authorized only. All product must be returned for credit through a USST representative. North Central is no longer authorized to issue any credits on USST products. Only product “refused” at delivery will have a credit issued. This procedure is in accordance with the USST return goods credit policy. USST sales representatives will continue to handle product exchanges at retail and issue credit if necessary. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, contact Tim at USST 800-934-4878 Ext. 6034.

Other Merchandise:

Your North Central delivery driver will check in your order with you or your designate at the time of delivery. Any overage, shortage or dam­aged product delivered is to be noted at that time. The driver will write a credit where applicable and leave a copy of the credit memo with you. Overages and damaged product will be returned by the driver at that time. If concealed damaged product is found after the North Central driver leaves the retail account, set the product aside and contact North Central Customer Service Department within 48 hours to request credit. You must provide Customer Service with the appropriate invoice number for verification. The driver will pick up the product on your next delivery.

Merchandise that is returned due to an error in customer ordering must be kept to a minimum. A 5% deduction from the amount of credit due on the item will be imposed to cover extra handling costs.

North Central Distributors, guarantees the customer four (4) weeks from date of delivery on dated merchandise, excluding perishable products. If short dated product is inadvertently delivered the driver will issue credit and the product will be returned to North Central’s distribution center.

North Central Distributors would like our customers to understand that North Central will not receive credit from our manufacturers for out-of-date, soiled, faded, or mishandled product that may accumulate in your retail outlet. Subsequently, North Central Distributors will not pick up items that fall into the following categories:

1. Merchandise not in its original shipping unit or not in a condition to be restocked.
2. Partial cases of merchandise.
3. Priced merchandise.
4. Merchandise that has been opened or tampered with.
5. Merchandise over 45 days old.

Damage which may occur at retail due to consumer mishandling, poor housekeeping, careless or improper opening of cases, etc. is considered to be the retailers own liability. Claims for broken packages, bottles and open bags will also be denied. Items not purchased from North Central but returned to North Central for credit will be denied and the product destroyed.

North Central Distributors reserves the right to decline credit on any items it feels have been intentionally damaged or on product that North Central is unable to secure credit from the manufacturer. All returned merchandise subject to 15% restocking fee. Surveyed items are not returnable. Please contact the Customer Service Department (214) 328-2821 with any questions you may have regarding this policy.